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A smartphone ringing on a table.
Make any phone ring without knowing the number.
Reveal a card. Reveal anything.
A magic effect like no other.
"An absolute miracle"
- Bruce Kalver, M-U-M Magazine
"Already I have fallen in love with it. Hits every time with the spectator. HIGHLY recommended."

Random phone calls are a daily occurrence. Your phone rings, you answer it, and someone asks you to refinance your loans or get your air ducts cleaned. But what if the person on the other end of the line knew things that only you're supposed to know? What if they could read your mind?

Unlisted is a magic utility that turns any spectator's phone into an incredible card revelation. At any time, you can trigger a real phone call that reveals their selection.


Do I have to install something on the spectator's phone?

Nope! There's no app on the audience member's phone. It's a real phone call.

Do I need to know their phone number?

No. In fact, if you don't know their phone number before you perform Unlisted, you still won't know it afterwards. Luckily, you won't need it.

What if they have an older phone? Or they have Bluetooth and NFC turned off?

Doesn't matter. iPhone or Android, new or old, Unlisted works with them all. As long as it's a smartphone with an internet connection you're good to go.

Wait, so how does it work then?

Well, I wouldn't be a very good magician if I told you the secret in public! Rest assured that comprehensive instructions are included inside the app.

Can I reveal things other than cards?

Sure! The presets are all built around cards, but you can upload your own audio and get up to 52 outs for anything you want.

What if I'm performing somewhere noisy?

You can also configure Unlisted to send an SMS message instead of a phone call.

What countries does it work in?

Unlisted works in the following countries:

What about other languages?

Right now all of the built-in audio presets are in English, but you can upload your own audio in whatever language you want. Text-to-speech and SMS support the following languages:

Are there any performance rights restrictions?

Nope. You're welcome to perform Unlisted on YouTube, TV, etc. Do get in touch if you have footage of yourself performing the effect, we'd love to see it!

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Feel free to email with any questions or comments.

Designed and developed by William O'Connell
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